I was lucky enough to work for 15 years in the magical world of the Flavour and fragrance industry.  I was working for Givaudan who is the worlds largest flavour fragrance house and I absolutely loved my job, but I always had the burning desire to create something of my own.

I wanted to create timeless pieces of jewellery that are derived from beautiful natural raw materials.

Reflecting on my time in the flavour industry the two biggest selling flavours sold globally are Chocolate and Vanilla. If you look at the these two beautiful natural raw materials the Vanilla Bean and Cocoa Bean, with their colour, flavour, fragrance, and texture, I knew this name Cocoa and Vanilla was perfect for what I wanted to represent.

The philosophy of the Cocoa and Vanilla is, life is all about creating memories and I wanted to create timeless pieces of Jewellery that connect those memories together.

If you think of all the treasured pieces of Jewellery you own there is always a memory associated with it. An Engagement, a Wedding, 21st Birthday, Birth of a Child, or sometimes that surprise gift, just say I love you. Cocoa and Vanilla want to connect those memories with a timeless piece of jewellery.

If you are looking for a  special gift  for yourself or someone you love, and you  need assistance with your purchase or are unsure of sizing etc, Please feel free to send us an email 


Always happy to help .